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Ø is a photographic magazine published by artists whose geographical and visual starting point is the Danish island of Bornholm. The magazine, if not a manifesto, is a creative place that shows Bornholm through the eyes of different artists, who are all concerned with what this might imply of political and artistic challenges.

This year’s theme is GREYZONES. Using mainly photography, drawing and text, the island is investigated and interpreted by a number of artists, each in dialogue with another artist, wishing to share and showcase the diversity of art projects that exist in and around Bornholm.
Moreover, we are excited that Christian Kirk-Jensen / Danish Pastry Design is the art director for this edition.

Please welcome GRÅZONER!

P.04     Anne Lass & Aina Villanger: Som om vi er minner  i hverandres hode

P.10     Justine Høgh & Lasse Fischer: Det som ingen ser

P.16     Johnny Carlsen & Anne Mette Quist: Bornholm, Bornholm, Bornholm

P.22     Camilla Howalt & Bynke Maibøll: Plowing

P.28     Savo Spasojevic & Carsten Kok-Hansen: Hinsides

P.34     Cæcilie Kaas Jørgensen & James Edward Bourne: Evoluzone

Ø #02. Edited by the Art Collective Ø

Cover photo:  Lasse Fischer. Participating artists: Anne Lass & Aina Villanger, James Edward Bourne & Cæcilie Kaas Jørgensen, Johnny Carlsen & Andreas Bandak,
Justine Høgh & Lasse Fischer, Camilla Howalt & Bynke Maibøll, Savo Spasojevic & Carsten Kok-Hansen.

Art Direction: Christian Kirk-Jensen / Danish Pastry Design. Printed by Bornholms Tidende, Bornholm, Denmark.

Published by the Art Collective Ø, Godthåbsvej 23, 3751 Østermarie, Denmark. © 2019 Art Collective Ø. Mail:  /

ISBN: 978-87-970140-1-1. ISSN: 2446-4341

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Ø Magazine

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Art Direction

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Christian Kirk-Jensen

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Anne Lass, Justine Høgh & Lasse Fischer, Johnny Carlsen, Camilla Howalt & Bynke Maibøll, Savo Spasojevic, Cæcilie Kaas Jørgensen & James Edward Bourne

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