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Piano North

Piano North: Jesper Mejlvang, Piano / Lars Juul, Drums / Niels Præstholm, Double Bass

Few songs stand the test of time like church songs. Some of the melodies on this album date bak more than 500 years, yet still they continue to lighten our paths as we pass through life. Creating a setting for every experience we encounter, every occasion – happy or sad. We hear them from the time we are born to the day we depart this earth and they bring us comfort and joy.

Psalms is the second album in the series of Piano North trio albums and like the first album Heritage, the nordic tone of melodic melancholy continues to be the offspring. Calm and soothing as well as excitingly sharp and edgy these new interpretations invites the listener along on a musical journey both back and forward in time. With elements from classical composing as well as modern sound exploration the standard jazz piano trio is respectfully challenged.

Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Baltic Recording Studio, Isle of Bornholm, Denmark. Artwork: Christian Kirk-Jensen, Danish Pastry Design. Photography: Jesper Mejlvang. Balrec 119 © + ℗ Baltic Records 2019 All Rights Reserved.

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Baltic Recordings

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Art Direction

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Christian Kirk-Jensen

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Jespar Mejlvang

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