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Predictio is an international company within HR and Management that help companies and organizations reach measurable goals by focusing on their key resources – the people.
They help customers successfully implement their business strategies by providing them with tools and processes that will help them accurately measure their people to ensure they have the right people in the right roles and working as effectively as possible. To Predictio it is important that each manager is empowered to understand the precise motivations for success.
Their focus is on evaluating, measuring, and developing talent and competencies of their customers’ employees, teams, leaders and salesforce.
The Predictive Index® has been on the Swedish and Finnish market for more than 30 years. Predictio is a PI® Certified Partner and we have the right to sell The Predictive Index’ suite of internationally acknowledged and proven psychometric tools and systems in Sweden and Finland.

Danish Pastry Design has been working with Predictio on corporate and web design since 2016.

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Predictio Sweden

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Christian Kirk-Jensen

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Christian Kirk-Jensen

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